Photo Folio News

For our customers who have been with us for a long time we have an exciting announcement to make: you can now migrate your existing design x site to our dx-cloud platform.

There are a couple important things I need to tell you before I get into the goodness that is Dx-Cloud.
  1. You are not required to migrate your site at this time.
  2. The migration process for people using Design X is 100% accurate representation of your current site. The admin is exactly the same too.
  3. Any updates to the Design X software will happen on Dx-Cloud, so you will need to migrate before taking advantage of any updates.
  4. Migration instructions are here:
Now here’s what’s happening over on Dx-Cloud.
  • All sites are on load balanced servers and your files are delivered by a state of the art CDN (Content Delivery Network) with over 230 edge nodes (servers) around the world to deliver images lightning fast.
  • All sites are served over SSL (https instead of http) for better SEO and security.
  • Billing panel within the site for updating cc info.
  • Any google fonts (and some custom fonts) can be added by you within the admin.
  • New features include thumbnails that grow to fill available screen space, caption placement for index thumbs on the image and above it, underline menu indicators, and control for the landing media transition time
  • Custom favicon upload
  • All new tablet and mobile versions of your site
  • Pinch to zoom on the images
  • Control panels for tablet and mobile versions of your site, to dial it in tight!
We’re looking forward to getting lots of innovations going on this new platform.
Rob Haggart