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I’m happy to announce the beta release of Design X version 16 which brings some next level design tools to our award-winning software. We really wanted to take Design X to the next level and… we achieved it. What you can do with this software, you will find nowhere else! Bold statement, I know, but we are the only software company in the world where specific features are NOT locked into themes. Everything is interchangeable in our Designs.

New Adranos Design

Here’s a link to the overview of new features:

In a nutshell here’s what I think is so awesome:

  1. We created a Staging Area where you can copy your current site and tweak it or redesign it completely then push the changes to the live site anytime you want.
  2. We created the new framework called Max Scroll that allows you to scroll your entire site vertically, then horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally…
  3. We added all these cool new features to go with the max scroll: paginated thumbs, static cursors, overlay galleries, slideshows, reveal menus and a scroll down icon.
  4. All the other features we’ve built over the last 11 years work in harmony with the new features so there’s got to be a million different website designs you can make.

We’ve created 3 awesome new designs to give you a taste of the new features:

Design X Version 16 is in a beta release but has been tested by users for over a month and is available now when you sign up for a demo: 14 Day Free Trial