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If you use captions on your images, you will want to turn on this improvement we just made for mobile devices.

If a caption is available, the caption icon appears on each image. The caption is displayed on top of the image when you click it.

Image showing new mobile captions on an iPhone.

Go to the help page to see how to turn it on:


We are always chipping away at client feature requests and we’ve added a few recently that I think will interest you.

High Res File Delivery

High Res File Delivery Image

You can turn any page of your website into a download for high res zipped or individual files. Deliver all kinds of files to your clients directly through your website. Learn more here:

Dark mode for admin and website

Dark mode image

You can turn on dark mode for your website and/or admin giving you and your visitors a break from bright websites. More here:–New-DARK-MODE-for-ADMIN-and-WEBSITE-

Auto Fit/Fill image and video scale type

Auto Fit/Fill Image

Do you ever want horizontal images to fill the desktop screen (cropped) but then want the vertical images to fit as well? We have a new setting for that:

Thumbnail Randomizer

Randomize Thumbs Image

Ever wish visitors would see a different order to your index galleries or project thumbnails each day, week or month? We have a solution:


We’ve pioneered another great feature available exclusively on PhotoFolio websites: Lightboxes.

Lightboxes allow clients and visitors to make a collection of their favorite images that they can share, create a PDF of, or even download (depending on what you allow). You can even set it so lightboxes are turned ON by the visitor.

See them in action here:

Trevor Paulhus Lightbox

We’ve added a new search feature to all the websites so visitors can find images or videos to license. Here’s all the info you need to add it to your site:

New Search Feature

A few things I love about this new feature:

Results Customization. The results page can be fully customized like any gallery on your site. Display the images however you want (large thumbs, small thumbs, scrolling images, etc.).

Search Input Box. We made a clean modern search box and updated the password input box to match.

Image Keywording. A newly created tags editor allows you to assign multiple keywords with a fancy new user input. Check it out!

I’m super excited to show you some of the designs our clients have created with Design X version 16 (click the image to visit their site) which brought next-level design tools to our award-winning software. What you can do with this software, you will find nowhere else, we are the only software company in the world where specific features are NOT locked into themes. Everything is interchangeable in our Designs.

PhotoFolio Client Chris Straley
PhotoFolio Client Laurie Frankel
PhotoFolio Client Mathew Scott
PhotoFolio Client Steven Simko

Design X Version 16 is available now when you sign up for a free trial:

I’m happy to announce the beta release of Design X version 16 which brings some next level design tools to our award-winning software. We really wanted to take Design X to the next level and… we achieved it. What you can do with this software, you will find nowhere else! Bold statement, I know, but we are the only software company in the world where specific features are NOT locked into themes. Everything is interchangeable in our Designs.

New Adranos Design

Here’s a link to the overview of new features:

In a nutshell here’s what I think is so awesome:

  1. We created a Staging Area where you can copy your current site and tweak it or redesign it completely then push the changes to the live site anytime you want.
  2. We created the new framework called Max Scroll that allows you to scroll your entire site vertically, then horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally…
  3. We added all these cool new features to go with the max scroll: paginated thumbs, static cursors, overlay galleries, slideshows, reveal menus and a scroll down icon.
  4. All the other features we’ve built over the last 11 years work in harmony with the new features so there’s got to be a million different website designs you can make.

We’ve created 3 awesome new designs to give you a taste of the new features:

Design X Version 16 is in a beta release but has been tested by users for over a month and is available now when you sign up for a demo: 14 Day Free Trial

2 Photographers using PhotoFolio software just won best website awards from PDN Magazine which brings our streak to 9 years and 44 awards. A true testament to the customization available with our software! You won’t find another company in the world with this many design awards using the same software for every single site.

Congratulations to the 2019 winners:

Andrew Hetherington
Dan Saelinger

Check out: Andrew Hetherington

Check out: Dan Saelinger

We are digging this new concept of thumbnail only galleries (no click through to bigger images). With the 2x and custom thumbnail sizes you can create some really unique experiences and of course it’s sooooooo client friendly.

Then we thought… how can we make this awesome-er? Video. Video is how we can make it really unique.

Introducing video thumbs. The video plays inside the thumbnail. No more clicking through. Just keep scrolling and looking and watching.

Video Thumbs

Here’s the support page on the new settings:

Just when I think we’ve done it all with thumbnails our clients keep pushing it further.

Photo Folio Client Colin Price

Our custom sizing and 2x features have inspired a few photographers to make their thumbs GIANT and so we added a couple new settings to accommodate that.

If your thumbnail size exceeds the thumbs we create from your original image we now use the original image instead. Your thumbs will be crisp on all the latest high res screens.

We added a new global setting and menu item override where you can  display thumbs only and turn off the click through to the single images and you can force the use of your original images for all thumbs (not just when they are bigger than the thumbnail we create for you).

Here’s the support page on the new settings:

Check out these clients taking thumbnails to 11:

Photo Folio Client Stomping Ground Photo
Photo Folio Client Simko
Photo Folio Client Trevor Paulhus

It’s been a long summer but it’s time to get stoked on marketing your work again. PhotoFolio clients have been using our new features to revamp their websites for their fall campaigns:

PhotoFolio Client Fredrik Brodén
PhotoFolio Client Dylan Coulter
PhotoFolio Client Matt Hawthorne
PhotoFolio Client Trevor Paulhus
PhotoFolio Client Chris Straley
PhotoFolio Client Simko
PhotoFolio Client Chad Kirkland

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