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The photography industry is always changing and many photographers are now shooting video in addition to still images. In anticipation of this evolution, PHOTO FOLIO created a software program allowing clients to show off their video content on the same powerful platform as their photography. Whether you are a full-time cinematographer or someone just starting to play with video, a website from Photo Folio has you covered.

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With PHOTO FOLIO, you can set your landing page to open with a video or create galleries that contain photography, video, and text. Placing video content on your Photo Folio website is as simple as loading the video onto Vimeo and dropping the file number into your website. No need for you to host the video content on your own computer. Our online manual walks you through the simple steps to add video to any portion of your website. With a rapidly changing industry, it is critical that you partner with a website provider that can keep you well ahead of the curve and your competition. Let PHOTO FOLIOhelp you put your website in motion!

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