Photo Folio News

I’m excited to announce our latest feature release for Design X which adds Caption Control to our ever expanding list of PRO features you will only find on Photo Folio websites.


Caption Control- Want to place captions on your menu or nav bar? What about different locations for each gallery? What about a caption on top of a single image that looks like a magazine layout? With our newly released caption control feature you can do that and much more. Watch the video to see how it all works:

Media Library Sorting- We’ve added a new sorting feature for the image library to make it easier for you to order your images for placement on the menu. You can sort then drag and drop them onto a menu item. We’ve also added a warning on image upload that will tell you if you’re adding images that exceed our recommended size. And finally the sizes of all your images are now listed on the thumbnail in the media library to help you find any that are loading slow because they are too big.

Advanced SEO and Photoshop/Lightroom Title– We added an advanced SEO option that allows you to designate each and every page title for every single page on the site (instead of appending a global title) at the request of an SEO expert working with one of our users. We are now reading the title field from Photoshop/Lightroom for image uploads (this is how you designate page titles, using the image title).

Note: We do not have captions available on mobile and pad versions of the site but will be working on that soon.

Beta Opt-In

To roll out feature releases we have a Beta Opt-In program that allows you to update and receive Beta Releases. You can also Opt-Out and go back to the last stable release.

To Opt-In to the beta release of Design X Version 12 and receive the new Caption Control Feature do the following:

1. Log into your site admin
2. Launch the ACCOUNT panel
3. If you do not have the “Make Beta Updates” button visible under the NOTIFICATIONS tab FORCE an update
4. A new button will appear that you turn ON to “Make Beta Updates Available”
5. FORCE an update again