Photo Folio News

We are always chipping away at client feature requests and we’ve added a few recently that I think will interest you.

High Res File Delivery

High Res File Delivery Image

You can turn any page of your website into a download for high res zipped or individual files. Deliver all kinds of files to your clients directly through your website. Learn more here:

Dark mode for admin and website

Dark mode image

You can turn on dark mode for your website and/or admin giving you and your visitors a break from bright websites. More here:–New-DARK-MODE-for-ADMIN-and-WEBSITE-

Auto Fit/Fill image and video scale type

Auto Fit/Fill Image

Do you ever want horizontal images to fill the desktop screen (cropped) but then want the vertical images to fit as well? We have a new setting for that:

Thumbnail Randomizer

Randomize Thumbs Image

Ever wish visitors would see a different order to your index galleries or project thumbnails each day, week or month? We have a solution: