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Announcing A Major Update To Our Design X Admin



The admin, which previously used flash to accommodate older browsers, has been completely rewritten from the ground up in HTML5. This update eliminates flash completely from our system.

You will not find a more advanced easier to use admin for building your site anywhere in the world. We have a Patent Pending on the unique and intuitive software we invented for building websites.

Sell And License Your Images Through Fotomoto


FotoMoto is a print-on-demad e-commerce widget that now integrates seamlessly with your Design x website. Signing up for an account with FotoMoto will allow you to sell prints and licenses (and other things if you are interested) to all the images on your site. This integration adds a cart to your navbar that launches a clean and simple sales window. This is the best solution we’ve found and we know you’ll love all the controls they offer.

Major SEO Update

We’ve been seeing and hearing about how well our sites are performing in google searches since we made a major structural change to the sites that allows search engines to crawl them better. Additionally we hired an outside SEO consultant to audit the sites and have made changes based on his recommendations. I know you will be pleased with how your site performs (given time for the search engines to do their thing) after this major SEO update

More… There’s Always More

Along with hundreds of under-the-hood improvements to Design X and a more intuitive user iinterface, we’ve also incorporated some new features:

  • iOS 7 changes/fixes for iPhone and iPad version of the site to open the menu easier (you can optionally display the desktop version instead).
  • Drag and Drop images, videos and text to upload to your media library.
  • Unlimited potential for html embedding and css on the text pages.
  • Access your admin from phones and tablets now (since it’s all HTML5).
  • You can now have more than one contact form for your site all with different email addresses.
  • Upload spots for iPad and iPhone logos plus adjustments.
  • Fix for masonry thumbs to make the bottom straighter.
  • Randomize landing page media button.
  • Percentage can now be used in logo and menu settings.

Now that our entire system is running in HTML5 you should see faster feature updates from us. We’ve got a few already nearing the testing stage.

The best part for existing customers is all they have to do is hit the update button to gain access to all these new features. Updates come standard.