Photo Folio News

Scrolling Galleries

We’ve added 4 new transition types to our galleries including horizontal and vertical sliding. We’ve also moved control for the transition type to the individual media items (images, video, text or all three) so you can mix and match thumbnails with sliding, fading and now scrolling. We can’t wait to see what you will create with this cutting edge customization. slider2

Gif Thumbnails

Did you know the site thumbnails in sizes small, medium, large and xtra large are all automatically created on the fly from your original image uploads? Did you know you can also upload a custom thumb for each image instead? Well now you can upload a gif for your thumbs. Perfect for videos or simply wild looking thumbs… make spinning wheels to hypnotize your clients.

Index Gallery

Ever wanted to provide an overview of your work using thumbnails and text? Now you can with a new feature that allows you to create thumbnail links to specific media items (images, video, text or all three) within your site. Oh, the possibilities are great with this one! Watch this special video to see how to do it: indexgallery

Vertical Navbar

The navbar, providing all those important controls and information to your visitors, was always happy to lay at the bottom or top of your site. Now it can be stacked vertically on the left or right. The options keep growing… can’t wait to see what you come up with. Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.20.27 PM

Text Kerning

You know how much we like to control the look and feel of every single little thing on the site. Well now you can include the space between letters in your text, AKA: k e r n i n g. I know… what took us so long.

More, Always More

  • Recently added a form viewer so you can see all your contact forms and who is emailing your images
  • Galleries with a large number of thumbs will load on demand now
  • Intro pages (logo, image or gif) can scale or fill now to fill all sizes of screens
  • Landing media has new sliding transition options
  • We’ve also done some code refactoring to increase site loading speed

Here’ the manual video showing all the new features: