Photo Folio News

With the launch of our news/blog page this year some of our clients needed different text page settings throughout the site, so like we currently do with thumbs, images, video, and captions we added overrides for text pages in each menu item (double-click the menu item in the Media Library to reveal the settings). Most of you will never need this but for those of you that do we’re happy to provide it.

If you haven’t tried the news page feature we released in v15 you’ll be stoked to once you see it in action on these sites:

Starboard and Port News Page
Fulvio Bonavia News Page
Waechter Architecture
Brian Cummings News Page
Jaime Kowal Press Page
Steve Babuljak New Work Page
Hannele Lahti Blog Page

Here’s a support page with more information on the news/blog pages:

All sites are updated and ready to ROCK these new options.