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Just when I think we’ve done it all with thumbnails our clients keep pushing it further.

Photo Folio Client Colin Price

Our custom sizing and 2x features have inspired a few photographers to make their thumbs GIANT and so we added a couple new settings to accommodate that.

If your thumbnail size exceeds the thumbs we create from your original image we now use the original image instead. Your thumbs will be crisp on all the latest high res screens.

We added a new global setting and menu item override where you can  display thumbs only and turn off the click through to the single images and you can force the use of your original images for all thumbs (not just when they are bigger than the thumbnail we create for you).

Here’s the support page on the new settings:

Check out these clients taking thumbnails to 11:

Photo Folio Client Stomping Ground Photo
Photo Folio Client Simko
Photo Folio Client Trevor Paulhus