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If you have not yet upgraded to version 10 of Design X (information here) it has been released from beta and is rolled into this update.

If you have any questions or you need to report a bug submit a support ticket

You must login into your site admin and hit the update button under Account –> Notifications to receive these new updates. Always check your entire site after updating and be prepared to make minor adjustments due to unforseen configuration changes.

New Icons, Embed Your Blog, Fotomoto Update, Contact Form Deliverability, NavBar and Mouse Cursor Improvements


New Social Media Icons Added. We’ve added yelp, houzz, imdb, behance, digg, reddit, 500px, dribbble, ello to our list of available icons.

New Custom Colored Icons. We’ve added the ability to create your own 2 color icons. You can also scale these icons now.

New Circle Icons. The custom color icons come in square and circle.

Visit the social media icon section in the manual to see how these work:

Embed Your Blog. You can now embed your blog on a text page within the site using our new “responsive iframe”. Go here to see how:

Fotomoto Update. If you are using Fotomoto to sell or license images we’ve made it so the Fotomoto cart only shows on images you’ve designated for sale/licensing. Go here to learn how:

Contact Form Deliverability. We are now using a 3rd party to deliver contact forms from your site to your inbox. This should improve deliverability dramatically. Simply update and you are good to go.

New Thin Navbar Icons. We have a new icon set for the navbar called thin. I think you will love it. Simply login into your admin and in the Layout panel under Navbar select Icon Syle: Thin. You can also now scale the icons.


New Navbar Spacers. We’ve added a spacer to the navbar options so you can further customize the look of your site navbar. Launch the Navbar panel in your admin and choose ADD + then change the button type to Spacer.

New Mouse Cursor Option. We’ve added none to the options for mouse cursor icons for a cleaner look (images still advance when clicking just no arrows or plus signs). In the Layout panel under Cursor choose Icon Style: None.

How To Update Or Switch To Design X

To add these new features to your Design X site log into your admin, select the account tab and you will see an update available under Notifications (unless we already updated you). You can also force an update using the same button.

If you are not yet using Design X and want to give it a try (it’s free and will not affect your current site to install and test) follow these instructions:
1. Submit a support ticket under the category Design X:
2. Visit the manual to learn how the admin works:
3. You will receive an email with information on how to access the new design
4. Once you are ready to go live submit a ticket asking to take the new design live


Rob Haggart,