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The streak continues.

Selected PDN’s Best Website Design 33 Times over the last 6 years.




Photo Folio was just awarded Best Website Design, twice, in the 2015 PDN Photo Annual in the Self Promotion category. (They eliminated the website category after we won 12 times last year and 8 times the year before that).

Winning 33 times over the past 6 years is a true testament to the power of our software and the constant evolution of the DesignX program. We’re the only software company to win this year.

Congratulations to Sam Jones and Danny Clinch for 2015.

We’ve reached an incredible milestone today! Nearly 8 years ago when we founded Photo Folio the industry was dominated by Templates. You locked into a design with a menu location, thumbnail type, transition… even colors and fonts. Heck, one company even charged to upload a logo for you ;). Seems like 20 years ago.

The problem with templates as we saw it, was that you couldn’t customize them, and that the cool new features you developed for the latest template were not available to the users of your older templates. Lame.

So we created one design that was completely customizable and infinitely updatable: Design X.

Today, we’re adding a new feature called Design Switcher that allows you to pick between 6 different designs we’ve created, create variations on those, or create and save your own designs. You can switch between designs with the push of a button.

To us, this is the logical evolution of the template. It’s just a button that engages some settings. It’s exciting for us to be the pioneers of this important idea in website design.

Here’s a video to help you get started:

You can see examples of all the pre-configured designs here:

Couple other minor changes we made:

NEW under ACCOUNT –> SITE DISPLAY: Enable Cookie Banner (EU Cookie Law). Turning this ON will place a banner on the bottom of your website with the following message: “We use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more.” There is an x-out on the banner for people to remove it and it is only shown once to new visitors. This is compliant with new European Cookie Law.

NEW under ACCOUNT –> SOCIAL: Enable Pinterest Extension. Turning this ON allows pinning your images on Pinterest when a visitors browser has the pinterest extension. A Pin It button will appear on top of the image.

Photo Folio client Daniel Berehulak was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for his coverage of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa for The New York Times. Congratulations Daniel, we are lucky to have someone as dedicated and hard working as you in the world of professional photography.


I’m excited to announce our latest feature release for Design X which adds Caption Control to our ever expanding list of PRO features you will only find on Photo Folio websites.


Caption Control- Want to place captions on your menu or nav bar? What about different locations for each gallery? What about a caption on top of a single image that looks like a magazine layout? With our newly released caption control feature you can do that and much more. Watch the video to see how it all works:

Media Library Sorting- We’ve added a new sorting feature for the image library to make it easier for you to order your images for placement on the menu. You can sort then drag and drop them onto a menu item. We’ve also added a warning on image upload that will tell you if you’re adding images that exceed our recommended size. And finally the sizes of all your images are now listed on the thumbnail in the media library to help you find any that are loading slow because they are too big.

Advanced SEO and Photoshop/Lightroom Title– We added an advanced SEO option that allows you to designate each and every page title for every single page on the site (instead of appending a global title) at the request of an SEO expert working with one of our users. We are now reading the title field from Photoshop/Lightroom for image uploads (this is how you designate page titles, using the image title).

Note: We do not have captions available on mobile and pad versions of the site but will be working on that soon.

Beta Opt-In

To roll out feature releases we have a Beta Opt-In program that allows you to update and receive Beta Releases. You can also Opt-Out and go back to the last stable release.

To Opt-In to the beta release of Design X Version 12 and receive the new Caption Control Feature do the following:

1. Log into your site admin
2. Launch the ACCOUNT panel
3. If you do not have the “Make Beta Updates” button visible under the NOTIFICATIONS tab FORCE an update
4. A new button will appear that you turn ON to “Make Beta Updates Available”
5. FORCE an update again


You can now put your website menu on the top or the bottom of your site (in addition to left and right). If you didn’t believe we were in the fully customizable template realm before, with our customizable thumbnails and transition types, this will certainly convince you. Design X is the most customizable template in the world:



To roll out these new incredible menu choices we have a new Beta Opt-In program that allows you to update and receive Beta Releases. You can also Opt-Out and go back to the last stable release.

To Opt-In to the beta release of Design X Version 11 and receive the Top and Bottom Menu options do the following:

1. Log into your site admin
2. Launch the ACCOUNT panel
3. Under the NOTIFICATIONS tab FORCE an update
4. A new button will appear that you turn ON to “Make Beta Updates Available”
5. FORCE an update again



If you have not yet upgraded to version 10 of Design X (information here) it has been released from beta and is rolled into this update.

If you have any questions or you need to report a bug submit a support ticket

You must login into your site admin and hit the update button under Account –> Notifications to receive these new updates. Always check your entire site after updating and be prepared to make minor adjustments due to unforseen configuration changes.

New Icons, Embed Your Blog, Fotomoto Update, Contact Form Deliverability, NavBar and Mouse Cursor Improvements


New Social Media Icons Added. We’ve added yelp, houzz, imdb, behance, digg, reddit, 500px, dribbble, ello to our list of available icons.

New Custom Colored Icons. We’ve added the ability to create your own 2 color icons. You can also scale these icons now.

New Circle Icons. The custom color icons come in square and circle.

Visit the social media icon section in the manual to see how these work:

Embed Your Blog. You can now embed your blog on a text page within the site using our new “responsive iframe”. Go here to see how:

Fotomoto Update. If you are using Fotomoto to sell or license images we’ve made it so the Fotomoto cart only shows on images you’ve designated for sale/licensing. Go here to learn how:

Contact Form Deliverability. We are now using a 3rd party to deliver contact forms from your site to your inbox. This should improve deliverability dramatically. Simply update and you are good to go.

New Thin Navbar Icons. We have a new icon set for the navbar called thin. I think you will love it. Simply login into your admin and in the Layout panel under Navbar select Icon Syle: Thin. You can also now scale the icons.


New Navbar Spacers. We’ve added a spacer to the navbar options so you can further customize the look of your site navbar. Launch the Navbar panel in your admin and choose ADD + then change the button type to Spacer.

New Mouse Cursor Option. We’ve added none to the options for mouse cursor icons for a cleaner look (images still advance when clicking just no arrows or plus signs). In the Layout panel under Cursor choose Icon Style: None.

How To Update Or Switch To Design X

To add these new features to your Design X site log into your admin, select the account tab and you will see an update available under Notifications (unless we already updated you). You can also force an update using the same button.

If you are not yet using Design X and want to give it a try (it’s free and will not affect your current site to install and test) follow these instructions:
1. Submit a support ticket under the category Design X:
2. Visit the manual to learn how the admin works:
3. You will receive an email with information on how to access the new design
4. Once you are ready to go live submit a ticket asking to take the new design live


Rob Haggart,

We know you’re going to love this little detail that will help you customize the experience for the visitors to your site. We created new social media icons that allow you to adjust the size and color to match your branding and you can now choose between square and circle icons.



In addition to these new icons we added a few more that our clients have requested for Houzz, Yelp, Ello, IMDB, Behance, Dribbble, Digg, Reddit and 500px. Enjoy.


More Information on how to apply these to your site can be found on the manual:

Scrolling Galleries

We’ve added 4 new transition types to our galleries including horizontal and vertical sliding. We’ve also moved control for the transition type to the individual media items (images, video, text or all three) so you can mix and match thumbnails with sliding, fading and now scrolling. We can’t wait to see what you will create with this cutting edge customization. slider2

Gif Thumbnails

Did you know the site thumbnails in sizes small, medium, large and xtra large are all automatically created on the fly from your original image uploads? Did you know you can also upload a custom thumb for each image instead? Well now you can upload a gif for your thumbs. Perfect for videos or simply wild looking thumbs… make spinning wheels to hypnotize your clients.

Index Gallery

Ever wanted to provide an overview of your work using thumbnails and text? Now you can with a new feature that allows you to create thumbnail links to specific media items (images, video, text or all three) within your site. Oh, the possibilities are great with this one! Watch this special video to see how to do it: indexgallery

Vertical Navbar

The navbar, providing all those important controls and information to your visitors, was always happy to lay at the bottom or top of your site. Now it can be stacked vertically on the left or right. The options keep growing… can’t wait to see what you come up with. Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.20.27 PM

Text Kerning

You know how much we like to control the look and feel of every single little thing on the site. Well now you can include the space between letters in your text, AKA: k e r n i n g. I know… what took us so long.

More, Always More

  • Recently added a form viewer so you can see all your contact forms and who is emailing your images
  • Galleries with a large number of thumbs will load on demand now
  • Intro pages (logo, image or gif) can scale or fill now to fill all sizes of screens
  • Landing media has new sliding transition options
  • We’ve also done some code refactoring to increase site loading speed

Here’ the manual video showing all the new features:

We made a minor update to all the sites to fix a couple things:

1. We added a form reader to the admin so you can see when someone sends you a contact form (occasionally the contact forms can go to spam). There’s an added benefit to the form reader in that you can see when people are emailing your images to their colleagues.



2. Vimeo made changes to their video embedding and we made an adjustment on our end to ensure the videos do not have any issues.

As always we’re constantly making refinements and feature upgrades to all the sites.



Could not be more proud of what our photographers have done with our software that resulted in 12 awards from PDN (Photo District News) for Best Website Design. In the last 5 years we’ve won 31 times.