Photo Folio News

One Touch Video Playback on Mobile

We’ve added a new feature that will allow Vimeo videos to playback instantly after clicking the thumbnail on the mobile site.

To activate turn ON the Video 1-Click Play in the Mobile Layout panel.


NOTE: If you have more than 6 or 8 videos in the gallery you will not want to use this feature because it will crash the mobile browser page due to iframes loading.

Thumbnail Titles

In the thumbnail overrides for each menu item (double click the menu item in the media library to open) you can turn on a thumbnail description that will either appear when you hover the thumbnail or show up below or above it. The description is pulled from the image title which can be changed by double clicking each image. You can adjust the font, font size and color in the LAYOUT panel under the OVERLAY tab.


NOTE: If you are familiar with the index gallery this is the same only for plain ole thumbs.


Rob Haggart, Founder/PhotoFolio